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She decides to bid her family adieu for the holidays and spends her time reconnecting with herself by dating other men, reconnecting with old flames, and writing poetry. During her stay, dating site for big and beautiful she becomes obsessed with investigating the disappearance of her mother and she calls upon the spirit world to answer her questions.

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As the two women bond, Fatima begins to come to terms with the complexity of her own home, family, and life. Together, the family will have to grow and let go of their fears in order to survive. As the couple nurses Lily back to health, she begins to discover evidence of a dark and dangerous secret a century in the making.

As the night drags on, hilarity ensues amongst the party-goers as they ponder life, careers, and relationships with Cory. Maria begins to tell Fatima a story of her home, T-Junction, and the family that she found amongst its colorful residents. While her marriage and finances suffer, she trains obsessively, embarking on a strict diet, exercise and motivational plan she hopes will bring her to Olympic gold. In an attempt to rectify the situation, Diego accidentally traps himself and Laura in a continuous time loop. As they grow closer through their music, Frank must come to terms with letting go of his daughter.

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But when a robbery in the midst of a house party goes terribly wrong, Elena will be thrust into a much more violent and dangerous confrontation. When the shopkeeper overhears this abuse, he must break free from his self-imposed prison in order to help the boy, discovering a shocking truth along the way. He leaves home and embarks on a road trip to follow his dreams of becoming a life coach and motivational speaker, but is met with some surprises along the way.

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Driven into a friendship with drug dealer Gabe, Elena tries to find herself within this new world. Disappointed by the adults in her life, oldest daughter Ana shuts down while her brother opens himself up to the mysterious otherworldly figure that has suddenly appeared in his life.

As she helps her grieving mother collect records from the nearby hospital, she meets Maria, a patient with a complex past and mysterious injuries. Desperate for connection, Clara finally finds it with the ghost of a woman who only has eyes for her. As he contemplates his failures while driving home one evening, a tunnel collapses on top of him. After clashing with their new surroundings, Will and Tom set off on a harrowing journey back to their wild homeland. Buried alive with no hope of rescue, he is unsure of whether or not he will survive and he ceremoniously bids adieu to the rest of his life.

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Upon his arrival John is shocked to learn that not only was his mother mixed up with a checkered group of criminals, but she has died in incredibly extreme circumstances. While his friends anxiously await his arrival, each one individually addresses their own existential crisis. In order to move forward, Alex must confront the reality of her past. However, as their celebratory night draws to a close, a sinister presence begins to prey upon the unsuspecting tourists.

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When the holidays are over, Jane must choose between her new life or the one she left behind. As the government struggles to explain the dead pig crisis, each of these stories interconnects in surprising ways as our motley cast of characters searches for a meaningful life. When a new tenant throws a wrench into their precariously balanced dynamic, the group will both grow closer and drift apart as they journey into adulthood.

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After he is released, Tijuana arrives back home where he is met with the demands of both his family and his parole officer. In her quest, she is ensnared by a powerful demon who refuses to leave its host. The two women struggle to hold onto a way of life that may be already out of reach. Crossing paths with many of the fellow male miners, Milena discovers the opals themselves are not nearly the most colorful facet of this freedom oasis. Jamie is left to navigate her nascent love life and maintain her closest friendships in the midst of this family crisis.

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