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Exactly such music i looked for. Healing Dream Songs with the wonderful voice of Francesca Genco. Want more yoga music recommendations? Another wonderful savasana song.

Appreciate the work on this! Perfect for yoga warm up sessions. Delightful chill out lounge style flowing grooves with the electrical piano playing.

Daily Meditation Wednesday. Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright.

Relaxing electronic music. All Rights are reserved by the original artists, all duplication is prohibited, not for commercial display. But for physical yoga practice, you can choose the music depending on the tempo of your routines and your personal tastes and preferences. Rasiya - A Cascade of Love.

All of My Days by Alexi Murdoch. We strive to keep your classes full with our original artist mixes. Can you tell me the name of the singer for Hallelujah? Here are some I like to play.

The precise audio cues will guide you when to prepare, work, and break. Glad you liked the recommendations, Celeste! This was so useful for me as a new yoga teacher! One important note though with regard to using music for yoga, is that the music should not distract you from keeping your awareness on your body and in the moment. We have the music for yoga that will renew your spirit!

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Thank you so much for this it was a great help! Definitely going to incorporate some of them. Hidden Gems - Shashank Maktedar.

The best trance relaxing music for a perfect stress relief. That songs this pls let me know who. What's your favorite song to hear during your practice? This lowers blood pressure when accompanied with deep, controlled breaths and some yoga poses.

Perfect for a Yoga stretch-out. Although this particular piece is serene is nature, depending on the type of yoga you are practicing, feel free to use appropriate music to keep you inspired and moving. The new workout mix has all your faves from Madonna, Paula, Mariah and a triple shot from Janet!

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If I had a dime for every time you've bragged about that Alanis Morrisette concert! Or, would you rather practice in silence? For example, there are some special musical pieces for the practice of pranayama, rhythmic music to adjust your breathing, chanting music for the practice of Laya Yoga, etc. We maintain a library of the best and hottest music available. After this I'm set with a good mood for another week!

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This was exactly what I needed. Deep relaxing spherical tranquil ambient soundtrack predictable and smooth. Have I mentioned that I like Adele? Tabata Decades Stand Back.

Om Narayana by Wade Imre Morissette. Deep relaxing soothing tranquil ambient soundtrack with the classical harp predictable and smooth.

Good for a yoga stretch-out. Tranquil The Daydream The Daydream. Uplifting melodies played by harp and the Irish flute. And a bit of Justin in a mini mash.

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This track has no prominent melodies or any surprising change of moods. Drumming Song by Florence and the Machine.

MB) Alan Walker - Faded

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Gotta love good yoga music! If you are a musician and would like to contribute to our collection here on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, dmp songs please send me an email at anmol anmolmehta.

Brilliant for Yoga and so glad I found it. Uplifting beat with african drums. One with faster more upbeat music for the vigorous portions of the class, and one with more tranquil pieces for the relaxation portions typically done at the end of the class. My first official class will be near for a charity event and I am freaking out! The version I am after sounds like Wah!

Indulge your senses in these blissfully smooth grooves that are both relaxing and hip. High energetic uplifting beats for your exercise. Fresh Hot off the press work out, exercise music, and aerobic music to fit all of your class needs.

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For an example of doing yoga with appropriate music you can check out the following vidoes which are of a real live Kundalini Yoga class taught by me. CyclingRings Cycling Format Ariana keeps the hits coming!

Deep relaxing soothing tranquil ambient soundtrack predictable and smooth. Delightful melodies and rhythms. You'll find the right music for whatever kind of yoga sesson you are in the mood for - from serene instrumental relaxation music to sacred chants and kirtan to chill out electronica. Your Playlist help me out during my yoga practice. You are transported to the mystical Himalayas in this musical dream journey.

MB) Alan Walker - Faded