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The only area of the house in which camera access is restricted are the bathrooms. Malik owns a printing company in Oakland, California.

Follow her on Twitter at amayasays. Follow her on Twitter at JacindaBarrett. She won that challenge, and left the series with a new outlook on life. Follow her on Twitter at heathermarter.

Janet lives in New York City. She works for an orthodontics company.

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Follow her on Twitter at KellyAnneJudd. Chadwick lives in Los Angeles and is the president and executive producer of his own entertainment company. She still occasionally models. Tina is engaged, and the owner of a skin therapy store in San Antonio, Texas.

Jason is now a casting director and has cast over different shows since his stint on the Real World. Raised in a fundamentalist Christian household, Schromm was working at a Starbucks on the University of Missouri campus when a Real World casting director asked her to audition. Bronne is dating a girl, and possibly still works for StudentCity. Jenn lives in Martinez, California and is dating a boy.

He works for an investment company. Brandon lives in Massachusetts and has a daughter.

Dan lives in Minneapolis and creates, writes, and plays music under the name Danny Stevens. Kat is an assistant director and producer who specializes in horror, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Follow him on Twitter at imRyanLeslie.

She is pursuing a career in television hosting, writing a book about dating, and is an advice columnist for a matchmaking company. It is unknown where Melissa is today. Sarah got married and now goes by the name Sarah Hubbell. Lacey owns a hair salon called Tryst in Tallahassee. Blair is married and has a son.

Danny becomes upset when he learns that Melinda kissed Wes. Jacinda is an actress and has starred in numerous films and television shows.

Ryan lives in Tempe, Arizona. Follow him on Twitter at mtvrrdarrell. Follow him on Twitter at KeflaHare. Try to follow her on Twitter at MissArissa. Follow him on Twitter at bronnebruzgo.

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Danny is a recruiter for a West Coast real estate company. Mike runs a real estate business with his wife, Cheryl, in the St.

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Brian appears to have graduated with a master's degree from a university in Pittsburgh, and is in a relationship. Thomas season, a chauffeured motorboat to transport cast members from their Hassel Island residence to Charlotte Amalie. As a result, Jo visits him at workand doesn't like what she hears from him. Carley just moved from Las Vegas to her hometown in Nebraska. The Real World was originally inspired by the popularity of youth-oriented shows of the s like Beverly Hills, when did charles trippy and alli start dating and Melrose Place.

She also has a new girlfriend. Janelle lives in San Jose, California and competes in fitness competitions as a hobby. Between a string of expletives, Bergmann unleashes a doozy of a brag. Follow him on Twitter at DunbarMerrill.

After divorcing Real World-sweetheart Danny, Melinda lives in Milwaukee, has a boyfriend, and works as a dental hygienist. But for Bergmann and a handful of other Real World-ers, reality tv stardom was a springboard to something more meaningful.

Follow him on Twitter at nichaggart. Abram lives in Montana and is an artist and author. Jisela lives in Tampa and is engaged. Follow him on Twitter at PonderTheWonder. Follow her on Twitter at AlwaysCocaColie.

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Kalle is married and lives in Los Angeles. She works for a software company. He is currently featured on RuPaul's Drag Race. Knight lives in Kenosha, Wisconcin.