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If the deal fell through now, Lynn knew that it would be all her fault. The sailor's heavy balls were stirring with the building pressure of sperm deep inside them, and Lynn could feel the life throbbing in them as they hung down against her naked buttocks. Crazy with desire, crazy with a terrible lust which threatened to destroy everything that stood between it and the consummation of its fearful passions. He knelt, his glistening red penis still poised at the hungry mouth of Kate's hair-fringed pussy, leering and panting down at her.

Should she complain to Harry, force him to do something about the violent attack his captain had made on her? There was an unbelievable throbbing ache reaching out of his loins, grabbing his chest and twisting it mercilessly into a small tight knot. She knew she must tell Harry Johnson, and that Harry must go with her to the police, to make some kind of complaint, to put this sex maniac in jail, or something. Her delicate head rested uneasily on the deck, framed between the rail of the ship and the small, open porthole sunk into the teak wall of the raised deckhouse.

Hans came back to her, handed her her drink, and forced onto his face as much innocence as he could muster. Hans paid no attention to the hint.

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AskWomen benefits from honest answers with a variety of perspectives. She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out, and in those split seconds Hans crossed the short distance between them, and covered Lynn's small mouth with his own, engulfing it, devouring it.

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She felt his hands peeling off her robe, fumbling with it, trying to get it off her arms. Minority users are encouraged to answer the question as it applies to themselves.

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And then he tore at his clothes making both of them naked, and Lynn gasped at the immensity of his hard-swollen cock jutting so hugely from his loins. Hans pulled back with his hips to withdraw his lust-excited cock, and as he slammed into her clasping vagina with a faster motion, his balls slapped hard against her tiny puckered anus. She hesitated, not knowing whether to acknowledge his presence, and then turned abruptly, climbed out of the cockpit, and made her way to the foredeck. That first time at the New Year's Eve party, all their dates together, and that first night when their passionate love for each other had led them to the physical point of no return.

Harry ceased his powerful drubbing of his wife's cunt, and drew back, the wetly glistening shaft of his hardened cock in full view now to Lynn. There's nothing the matter at all. You ain't seen nothing yet. Oh God, she thought to herself, what should I do?

Then he was between her legs, on top of her, and her brain was a seething cauldron of uncontrollable desire. You go on topside, the night breeze will perk you right up. Mark, she sighed, I need you here with me. They had come home from an early movie, still tingling from the petting and necking that had occupied most of their attention in the film and in the car on the way home. She reached for her fork, and made an attempt to eat some of the freshly caught fish Kate had cooked as a special treat for their evening meal.

Then she knew it was no use. And then the reality of her present position painfully forced its way back into the upper levels of her consciousness, causing her to tense again with the difficulty of her decision. Slightly, almost imperceptibly, he drew his finger along the ridge of her tiny clitoris, and Lynn moaned in undesired rapture.

Lynn drew her knees up so as to have better leverage to screw her cock- stretched cunt up against the tickling wiriness of his thick pubic hair. You're awake now, and there's no more going to sleep. Perhaps she could fool him, make him think he had hurt her, hiv dating sites california maybe then he would stop this brutal attack. Why was she so frightened of men?

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She was exchanging places with her hostess in her imagination, and it was she that was getting fucked so beautifully rather than Kate. That is just too pretty to resist. You know that I love your hot cum inside me!

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The captain lifted his other leg, and planted himself commandingly above her unwillingly spread cuntal lips. All his dreams of success would be forfeit, and who knows what effect that would have on their marriage. She felt a chill go up her spine.

Hans felt his huge cock seem to jump out at her all at once, as if it were trying to span those four steps between them in a single bound. Gradually the trembling woman grew quieter, the pounding in her breast lessened, and she began to let the rocking of the Vera lull her again into a more relaxed state. She wanted to get up and run, to escape the vile, disgusting talk which had suddenly invaded her ears, but her legs wouldn't move. Lord, yes, she helped kick off her restraining silk panties.

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Lynn knew she had always needed him, had needed him from the first time she had seen him. She could not bear to look up and discover that the man who had given her so much pleasure was not her husband.

It seemed to go on forever until her body was completely drained of all its fluid. She moaned beneath his depraved attack. That's it, keep pumping me!