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Tinky-Winky jumps indoors. The Teletubbies watch two girls decorate a pot.

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Then the Teletubbies watch two girls go for a ride on a San Francisco Cable car. Dipsy climbs a steep hill and the Three Ships sail through Teletubbyland. The Teletubbies dance in and out of the trees. Laa-Laa is very pleased with her present.

All the snowballs are different sizes, so the Teletubbies decide to use their snowballs to make a snowtubby. The Teletubbies run over some hills and then back again. The Teletubbies wave goodbye to the cloud then they go to do the Jumping Dance. They see big fluffy clouds and long wispy clouds. When Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Laa-Laa find something covered in snow and they don't know what it is, internet game Po pops out of the snow when she sits up and they all have a Big Hug.

Laa-Laa goes the quick way and Po goes the long way round. The Teletubbies play a game and swap their favorite things, but they are very happy when they each have their own special favourite things back. Tinky Winky shows his special cloud to the others and they all think it is beautiful.

Tinky Winky is too full up to finish his Tubby Toast so he puts it in his bag. Laa-Laa and Po love playing with the ball. They get up and go up the slide one at a time. Laa Laa plays a game of Peek a Boo and she meets Tinky Winky, they both see Dipsy's hat behind the bush and he comes back out from the bush, Po then rolls back and they play their game again. The tree loses its leaves and it disappears.

Po enters the house and makes Tubby Toast. Tinky Winky opens the bag to find the rest of his Tubby Toast, then he puts it back in his bag to save it for later. Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and Po decide to sleep outside instead. So Laa-Laa shows Po how to play.

After the special drum disappears, the magic windmill starts spinning. First, Tinky Winky finds his bag. Later, Tinky Winky comes down the slide inside the Home Hill. Laa-Laa feels like giving all the other Teletubbies a big hug. She soon finds them behind the hills and sings a song how she's found her sheep and together she and her sheep fly up into the sky and disappear as the Voice Trumpet rises for Tubby Bye Bye.

She runs inside the Home Hill just as it rains. Po liked looking at her reflection in the mirror, but not as much as she liked to ride her scooter. They all watch the roundabout and the Dancing Bear. Then the Teletubbies go to do the Walking Dance.

When they say uh-oh, they rush off to see the dancing bear in a stage to end the episode. Laa-Laa had fun wearing Dipsy's hat. Dipsy comes out of the house. Laa Laa is happy to have her ball again.

The Teletubbies walk around some hills before watching Matthew, James and Mark talking about their chicks on a farm. The Teletubbies watch a girl painting a picture of her dad and repeatedly dance to a voice trumpet singing the nursery rhyme Here We Go Looby Loo.

While they play, they sing about the ball. She opens the door and goes in. Finally comes Tinky Winky and knocks the door and goes with the other Teletubbies. The Teletubbies join hands and dance round and round in a circle.

Teletubbies Videos

They come out from their hiding places when it is time for the video clip. Dipsy dances in his bed and Laa-Laa dances whilst making tubby custard.

Then she receives a video and they watch Jack and Francesca looking for Rabbits with Andy. Dipsy saw his hat and wanted to wear his hat but Tinky Winky wanted to go for a walk. The video is about digging for crabs and the Teletubbies are walking sideways. Then the Windmill stops spinning for tubby bye bye.

Tinky Winky can't get to sleep, so Dipsy helps him by singing him a lullaby. Inside the Superdome, the Teletubbies go down the slide one at the time and they say hello, in front of the table. They then run down the hill and run up a hill. She decorated the table, the tubby toaster, the doors, and the steps. The Teletubbies walk down the Path, into the House and up the other Path.

Po decides to decorate Home Hill with handprints. Tinky Winky takes them out again and the other Teletubbies get their favourite things back but suddenly, there is a strange noise from Tinky Winky's bag.

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They ask Po to join them, but she didn't want to, she wanted to ride her scooter. The magical event with The Magic Tree also occurs.

Teletubbies Videos

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The Teletubbies think that the Jack in the Box is very surprising, then they all run away before the Jack in the Box disappears. Inside the Home Hill, it is time for Teletubbies to sleep in their beds, and the voice trumpet rises up singing them a good to sleep song to the Teletubbies, After a moment later, Po is gone. Afterwards, the other Teletubbies come in and everyone goes to sleep. Second, Dipsy finds his hat. Po arrives on her scooter.

Laa-Laa sits and laughs as Po walks around the dome again and again. But Dipsy didn't spill the Tubby Custard. The magic windmill brings a musical transmission featuring King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys. Then a Voice Trumpet rises and the Teletubbies run back and forth over to some hills. She bounces it and then throws it.

The Teletubbies hear beautiful music in the distance and they head towards it. Also, Po found her scooter. But however, Po thinks she can reach the ball, even though she is the smallest Teletubby of all. At last, Po finds her scooter. Tinky Winky is sad until Dipsy let him wear his hat to cheer him up.

Teletubbies Videos