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He was ever the very best of company and a great ambassador for Royal Mail and our Territorial Army. Barry Linden reports that on one particular occasion during Unit training in Cyprus he hosted Bill in one of the smarter establishments in Larnaca.

He cleverly chose Hannover as his Headquarters and deployed his innovation skills, his entrepreneurial ability and involved a few chums. George also completed several unaccompanied tours during his career, including Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles and the Falkland Islands during the mine-clearance and rebuilding phase.

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John was a consummate family man. His generosity stretched to supplying the officers in Training Wing at Mill Hill with comfortable chairs for their offices. The officers, leaving him asleep, paid the bill, left the table and hid close by. His father was a First World War soldier who was badly gassed and retired from the army to become the owner of the Hinde Hotel in Lutterworth. Discharged in the rank of Sergeant.

He was a professional and dedicated manager applying an endearing approach of openness, fairness and honesty. All of us who served with him were mighty happy to do so and justly proud of Joe. Not that being married calmed him, it just meant he could include Julie in the fun and had a safe base for parties and to entertain his pals. His reaction on seeing them, I guessed, would be worth witnessing. He was well known as a kind generous gentleman and is sadly missed by all, especially his loving wife Mavis and his family which he thought the world of.

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Life is very complicated and I was very unhappy with my life at that time. Jonathan was very gregarious and enjoyed helping people and organising events. He was ever the excellent host who was also our boss and chief supporter.

Just about everything worked on these models. He soon established himself and was recognised as an international postal expert, travelling the world working with many postal administrations and big-name firms. Near Farnborough in Hampshire. The Park is happy to accept donations to its model collection. Ivor was a gentleman, first and foremost in what he did and how he did it.

It follows that sport was a great interest of his, he was quite a skilled bowler on the cricket field, he was also very good on the dart board which no doubt earned him many a free pint in the local. Paul handled several crises with a cool head, clear strategy and determination and won his spurs. The last thing you want to be thinking about when you're standing on a ladder is falling off it. He was ever good company ready to debate any topic at length over a glass of something, and ever able to insert humour to the discourse.

Old and polished railway memorabilia at York and Beamish were visited. Your Granddad was the best friend I had while I was in the Army. Or are you using a laser these days?

No one has ever set up a Regiment that not only ticked all the military, support and ethical demands, but did so at a profit! How to Use a Ladder Safely.

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Hold your pen Mr Secretary, let us set the minutes straight. It should also be noted that he was no saint. During and he and his best friend, Dick Norriss, had put on weight.

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He married Jill Reece, who was one of the first ladies to join the post war Postal trade. In all this awful time he remained positive, having fun times and working around the world. This was the beginning of a very happy family life with Vanessa taking care of all the family administration and keeping melvyn out of trouble. Chris Clark had spent coffee and bacon butty time with Johnny during his final days. Obviously, the addition of a sleeper to this style of valley framing was an overall improvement since it allowed better nailing along at the valley line.

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares some tricks for installing a new, sturdy staircase balustrade. This was less than his munificence with wines. The tool is a right triangle with a ruler on one equal side and a fence on the other. Subsequently back to the Depot and a six month unaccompanied trip to Belize in which was the result of losing the debate on why other Warrant Officers had not done their turn at the time.

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Common lines made using a Speed Square include perpendicular cut marks, and angles for roofs, stairways, and decks. The perfect degree corner of the Speed Square can be used to determine whether two boards form a precise right angle. Built into the square are several scribing notches, which provide a fast, easy way to mark layout lines or cutlines onto lumber.

Swanson invented the A Speed Square in as a carpenter's layout tool. Richard, I do have The Swanson blue book, also have a Chappell framing square in metric booklet too I should have included. He later founded Swanson Tool Company, Inc. Clip the holder onto your tool belt, muqabla mp3 then slide the Speed Square into the slot.

Our deepest sympathies were converyed to them. In retirement he was a lay preacher in the United Reform church, serving twice as an interim moderator. Do so if we dare before you pen that entry, look well to the empty chair Rest in Peace John a true gent.

So, we almost did not get him! They had a wager to ascertain who would put on the least weight over the coming Christmas festivities. Yes, a final smile for all, even after he had passed away. Many of the new slide miters and miter boxes display both angles. It could have done much better work by being set back and catching more of the rafter heel cuts which transfers the rafter load from securely.

He left and considered offers to work with several blue chip companies. In three colours, red, blue and green, he faithfully recorded date of issue, amendment and action taken. So buying books and tools from the guys who really invented them and use them is usually a major benefit. When I helped Bernd Kuppers translate his German book into English, I knew from the from the start it should have been completely re-written. He consumed everything and had quite the collection of books and tapes just like you.

It was such a bad joke that we told Tony if he tried to tell another joke, we would throw him in the river! Invariably, such projects are not commercial in orientation, thus financially challenged, and as such would never get off the ground if the boating community did not help.

Ever true to himself and his family. The hammer blow came in April when his beloved wife Wendy tragically died leaving him totally devastated and heartbroken! He was surely one of the most cheerful and friendly people one could meet.