Strategic Planning For Dummies

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Strategic Planning for Dummies

Strategic planning is the discipline that helps businesses build on their present success by analyzing all the factors that can impact the future and take measures to anticipate them. Think about execution before you start. Refining Your Mission Vision and Values. Putting Your Plan Together.

She hosts workshops and has spoken at conferences nationwide. These concepts form the foundation of strategic planning.

Make your plan actionable. Putting Your Plan to Work. Looking Backward to Move Forward.

Strategic Planning Pitfalls to Avoid Strategic planning can yield less than desirable results if you end up in one of the possible planning pitfalls. Put planning in its place.

They all involve appraising the status quo as a predicate to determining planning goals and setting developmental priorities. Focusing on What You Do Best.

It's folly to overlook external agencies - especially the ones who might be the benevolent benefactors. Establish your competitive advantage and your vision. It generally needs lots of discussion so don't be alarmed if it takes time. Contingency Planning Your Plan B. Have fun and may your strategies bring you success.

What Is Strategic Planning Anyhow? Fire departments that know where they are going, know the environment in which they must operate, and have identified how to get there have the best chance of achieving their goals and desires. Implementation is the phase that turns strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals. Getting Set Up for Successful Planning. Great layout to teach the basics of Strategic Planning.

Your Strategic Planning Framework Strategic planning has a basic overall framework. Ignore this fact at your peril. Proven methods to gather the information necessary to formulate a strategy? How is the organisation governed and how is it staffed?

Related titles

Executing a strategic plan. But you and everyone on your team needs to agree on why this effort is important. Check it out for quick access to ideas. Defining business goals in mission statements? The author is very understanding of planning reality.

Strategic Planning For Dummies

An impartial third party can concentrate on the process instead of the end result and can ask the tough questions that others may fear to ask. Instead, what typically happens is that a review of the structure and functions of your agency encourages critical evaluation - a stock-take or reality check of where you're at!

When all of this has been completed, ask two or three people to work collaboratively at assembling the post-its into similar or overlapping themes. Make strategy a habit, not just a retreat. Remember to also indicate representation on external agencies and identify representatives from external organisations.

Readers will learn about the strategic planning process and why each of the steps in the process is critical if the plan is to succeed. Assessing Your Strategic Position. Instead, they, opera 15 together with strengths and weaknesses are merely compiled as preliminary data that can aid the strategic planning process. This book is a great reference tool for anyone involved in the strategic planning process of an organization. Strategic Planning For Dummies.

Planning can become a substitute for action. It takes hard work and planning to get the desired results.

Just how long ago was it since you actually gave them the once over? Get full commitment from key people in your organization.

Strategic Planning for Dummies by Erica Olsen

The secret is to realistically try to Dr. As any business manager knows, success doesn't just happen. Establishing Your Strategic Priorities. For these reasons, strategic and often long-sighted successionplanning for the eventual replacement of managers at all levels hasreached a critical level. One way of proceeding is to divide a large sheet of paper into four segments and then provide everyone in your team with a bunch of post-it notes.

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Your investigation may yield results that tell you not to go in a certain direction. My experience has been that if the available time-span is intentionally concertinaed, effectiveness becomes enhanced as does efficiency.


Clearly see the direction your organization is headed. These long-term strategic focus areas span a three-year or more time horizon. Focus on accountability for results and have clear and compelling consequences for unapproved missed deadlines. Planning Considerations for Entrepreneurs and Department Managers.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Remember that your organisational logo might look pretty splendid in there somewhere. Laying the Foundation for Your Strategic Plan.

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