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She is a potential girlfriend that Wei Shen can date. She was also seen flirting with or romantically interested in other Chinese men, making a relationship, with Wei, unlikely. Lock boxes can also be found along the exterior beaches of Hong Kong. Tire irons can be found in the trunk of most cars and can also be wielded and thrown. However, they will not appear on the world map.

The following hints and tips should help maximize your fun and minimize any aggravation. Wearing the proper outfit is most important when it comes to earning enough Face to reach the maximum. Pistols can be holstered by pressing down on the d-pad.

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Some map markers will indicate that water access is required, but others will not. Some enemies may require a strike or two to lower their health but most thrown weapons will result in an instant kill.

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The shoplifter events often require you to come very close to the stores to trigger them. You can use both of those weapons while driving. Wei offered to drive Amanda around town, which she accepted, giving her a brief tour of some landmarks. This may seem insane but it is actually easier to dodge oncoming traffic then it is to weave between cars going in the same direction as you. Many of these require the use of a boat.

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Drinking a soda will increase your damage. Now go out there and show Hong Kong just how bad ass you can be! Completionists should aim to get at least ten thrown weapon kills in order to earn all trophies or achievements.

Be sure to routinely stop for a snack to increase your health regeneration. The amount of wins a certain bird has does not seem to have much impact on which rooster will actually win. You may hear someone yelling for help from a car trunk or witness a theft and have to give chase.

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Amanda gave Wei her phone number and told him to call her. The date concluded with Amanda and Wei flirting with other, leading to a brief sexual encounter. The one in the mall in Central, requires you to leave the street and walk through the mall for example. You are what you eat and drink. Because these tunnels run underneath the city from the ocean, dating proposal the map markers can give the illusion that they are actually above the surface.