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Patch notes Edit Neighborhood decoration alleys no longer get inappropriately covered in snow. If you are having difficulty playing these files, see media help. Open for Business installed.

You need Open for Business. Roommates will live together with Sims, but they will be unplayable and take care of themselves.

In upper-class neighborhoods, your Sim family apartment will be surrounded by Techs and Socialites. Sims can lower their housing costs by living with roommates in an apartment. You need Seasons for this. Love the variety you get with all the apartments. Sometimes they need to be gold, sometimes it will happen earlier.

Every lot is now categorized as lower class, middle class, or upper class. There is also a new icon, when there is a family living in an apartment building, there will be a green apartment icon over the house. Write Restaurant Guide option is now available on computers in apartment lots. For a robot sim you must buy the robot crafting station and have your sim work at building robots until they have finally earned a gold badge. You may then make a servo.


Reward objects can now be picked up in Buy mode on Apartment lots. Desktop Online Carnival Social. List of games Book Category.

Pokemon Ruby Taillow moveset? Bills will now autonomously be brought into Sim's apartments. Have you ever carried out a flamethrower massace in any of the Grand Theft Auto games? It's great because you can finally experience apartment living. Expansions Galactic Adventures.

The player also has the option to look for roommates whom the player can choose, but not control. You Got Feets Bathtub value is now consistent with other tubs in its class. To do this you will need a robot making worktable.

To make a robot, you have to buy a robot making table thingy. Even the most skilled Infallibly Good Witch will be unable to cast any but the single simplest Evil spell.

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The value is determined by the price of the furniture, the size of the lots, the number of household members, the messiness, and the values of surrounding lots. Apartment is the new type of lot for Sims to reside. This interesting add-on also allows Sims to use spells. Various objects from previous Expansion and Stuff packs can now be placed on shelves. You can make robots, but only if you have the Open for Business expansion pack.

Sims 2 Apartment Life Game for the PC

What is also new is you can now build up your reputation and form casual or dating groups. Genie lamp can now be picked up in Buy Mode on apartments. Eventually they will overdose on the spray and turn into a plantsim. It's notable that apartments, despite the name, aren't the biggest asset of the game.

Good magic users are able to create happiness, put out fires, and bring the dead back to life. Move your Sims into the close-quarters drama, humor, and excitement of apartment life! Ceiling is a new minor addition. Best Selling in Video Games See all. Cooking skill no longer goes down once a family is moved onto the same apartment lot as another Sim.

Sims don't buy an apartment. The Butler no longer calls the fire department if there is a fire outside during a thunder storm. Especially if they play music a lot. This new expansion is so different from the other expansions that we ever saw. Sims will now finish eating gyros.

Simulated characters can now break dance and Woo-Hoo in closets. Spells may be cast by using specific ingredients i. Same thing for flower plant making. You can visit all the other apartments without waiting for the game to load like you do when you visit other places in your neighborhood in other expansions. It's pretty cool, copters and several apts.

The Sims Resource Website. Being friends with the iconic hobbyist corresponding to the Show Biz, Athletic, Natural Science or Gaming career now reduces the friend requirement for promotions by two instead of one.

The Sims 2 Apartment Life

Your Sims are moving into a brand-new apartment, and their lives will never be the same! Creepily servo is a kind of person male or female and can marry your sims etc. Living in apartments will give some benefits for Sims, or even disadvantages. The rent price will vary depending on the apartment's size, interior architecture, iphone movie converter and backyard patio. Also new with Apartment Life is the ceiling.

Also like the items that come with the pack. On the other hand, neighbors can also make noises behind the walls that irritates Sims. After a sim sprays don't know how long or how often they have to spray they will eventually turn into a plantsim. Seasons expansion pack installed.

You can also build your own apartment too. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.