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When the resurrection of Cronos is imminent, as Pope Saga commanded all Saints pray that they stay home and not go out for any reason. When he becomes patriarch, he is considered near godly. The brief light from the shield saves Athena and make the golden arrow that was stuck in her chest vanish.

Hyoga returns to attack with the Aurora Thunder Attack, despite the reluctance of Shun, and is again turned against them. Saga delivers a blow that crosses the entire Sanctuary and targets the Temple of Athena, where Kanon was. Ikki attacks Saga but can not touch him, then Saga counters him with Another Dimension, but Ikki gets back from there and to stamp Saga attacks against a pillar. Saga was chosen by Cronos and the destination, as the first destroyer of the human future.

He hid his body in Star Hill. When they believe to have found the exit, they have actually returned to the entrance. Shiryu says he feels as if someone has projected its cosmo there. Saga launches his attack to Athena nevertheless. Added by Bronze Saint problems.

Evil Saga says he is the only one who can protect this world from the invasion of other gods such as Zeus, Hades and Poseidon and whoever stands in their way must die. With the illusion of the maze is gone and exit revealed, Shun exits the temple and continues his journey. So the three were forced to confront Shaka.

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Saint Seiya Saga hades Latino - Tvanime

Even then he survived the attack, then the Golden Saints are agitated and position themselves to attack him, Athena intervenes and Saga stubbornly decides to fight her. When the resurrection of Cronos is imminent, as Patriarch Saga commanded all Saints pray that they stay home and not go out for any reason. Then the illusion repeats the attack of Another Dimension, but Shun returns to stand by its chain. After receiving his rebounded attack, Hyoga collapses, but Shun back gets up. Saga attacks Seiya with Another Dimension but then the good personality intervenes within Saga, interrupting the attack and saving Seiya.

Seiya then re-projecting a huge lift cosmo, attacks Saga with his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, initially Saga manages to halt it but when they end up gaining speed and power it hit him. Saga tries to attack Seiya, but is defended by Ikki. Saga believes in principle that Seiya failed, but in the distance is a divine light that tells that Athena was alive.

But at that moment Saga begins to have a personality change, his hair turned grey, eyes turned red, he regains the evil personality. When he heard, Saga told his subordinate Gigars come back to try to recover it. Seiya says he has been told that the Pope was all the one that could take it. Ikki attacks Saga with Phoenix's Wings Rise, but Saga avoids it and begins to beat Ikki by destroying his cloth, taking away his five senses and throws him a large number of punches.

Blinded, Seiya gets up and starts walking to the statue of Athena with Athena's guidance. When Saga learns Gigars pities and gives another opportunity to send someone to retrieve it.

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Later, Saga gives the order to send ten Silver Saints to the front, but all end in failure. But Saga gets up and hits back at Seiya.

On this occasion, with the collaboration of Aries Shion, Mu was helpless, paralyzed by the power of his master. Shun challenges him to enter the circle, but when he does enter it nothing happens.

Saga is outraged that Kanon would even decide to do something as evil as that and decides to lock Kanon in Cape Sounion. However, upon arriving at the House of Gemini, which should be empty, Saga, Shura and Camus are surprised by a powerful Cosmo, who is wearing the Gemini Cloth, and trying to stop them from advancing. Seiya gets up and says that he will die Saga then punches him knocking Seiya out.

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Saga is often described by other characters as someone with the kindness of an angel but with the darkness of a demon. After Virgo Shaka feels a wicked cosmos, which owns Galan, the meeting convenes golden. Saga is resurrected again in Hell, this time by Athena and receiving the armor that was originally his. Then he welcomes back Leo Aioria who has returned from Japan and questions him why has he returned without the Sagittarius Gold Cloth and without killing his enemy.

Saga believed Ikki has already dead but now has to fight against him. Once discovered they try to attack Pandora and force her to take them into Hades. Athena's plan was to go to hell and join Shaka to fight Hades. However, the twelve hours of life that Hades granted them were coming to an end, and they started to die. When you go to the next house, they are greeted by Shaka, which soon kills the other spectra, for they reveal the true reason for being on the side of Hades.

They decide to enter the temple together, but return to being a victim of maze of lights and shadows projected by Saga from the House of the Pope. However, the evil side of Saga had not yet taken control of him, so he decided to lock Kanon in a prison located in Cape Sounion.

This sudden appearance of the spirit of Saga, supporting Seiya, Saint Pegasus makes the emotional cry. Then I would explain to the other Gold Saints that the Titans are back to take over the Megas Drepanon and resurrect the great god Cronos. While Seiya and Shiryu are confronted by another illusion of the Gemini Saint, missy peregrym and zachary levi dating since Shiryu says he can not feel his presence. Saga orders Milo to go to Japan to kill the Bronze Saints.

Saga believes that if he beats Athena and recovers her scepter, Nike Goddess of Victory, with the Shield of Athena, he could challenge the Gods. Later, he learns that Phoenix Ikki returns to the Death Queen Island and orders the Black Saints, who were banished renegade saints on the island, to kill Ikki. Saga soon realizes that such a person could only be his brother, Kanon, and asks his companions to follow the House of Cancer, as he stands to face him. When he lunges at Athena the Gold Cloth of Gemini diseparated from his body.

Saga decides to end the fighting as soon as possible, Splitting the Chamber of the Pope creating a rift between Ikki and Seiya. Deciding to split into two groups, Hyoga and Shun on one side and Shiryu and Seiya on to the other. The illusion asks Shun why he didn't escape when the illusion was gone, and Shun says he could not leave Hyoga to wander in another dimension alone. Shortly after Pegasus Seiya reaches the House of Grand Pope and meets Saga who has taken off the Pope mask he always wore revealing his face.

The great god comes before the statue of Athena and is about to destroy it when it is stopped by Saga. Aiolia tells Saga what Athena told him in Japan. He also sent Milo of Scorpio to the Isle of Andromeda to end the island's master, Cepheus Albiore which he defeated with the help of Pisces Aphrodite in secret. Seiya gets up and attacks him with the Pegasus Meteor, damaging Saga's Pope clothes. Years later, it appears as Patriarch, apparently under the command of Pontos trying to kill Leo Aiolia.

Saint Seiya Saga hades Latino

Even with their combined attacks, it does no harm and gets returned to them, knocking them down. When they arrived at the temple, Athena gives Saga the golden dagger he used in an attempt to kill her thirteen years ago, and so she puts the dagger in her own neck. His good personality then appears from within Saga controlling one arm which then he grasps the scepter of Athena, piercing his own chest. But the Holy decide to keep being faithful Cancer provided Saga create a world of justice, which in turn is based on force. While retracting his chain back in Gemini Temple, Shun realizes that his chain brought back a necklace and wonder if it belongs to the real Gemini Saint.