Grandson Fucks His Very Old Grandma

Grandson Fucks His Very Old Grandma


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Very Old Amateur Grandma fucks Grandpa

Download this pics at Ultra Granny. As we frigged each other, I tried to shift her body up and around, fake across my hips. Friday night I decked myself out and headed for the club. She had a big smile plastered on her lips and I could see her squeezing her eyes shut and sighing as we dipped and spun together.

After our orgasm, our bodies relaxed and slowly, my cock deflated and left grandma's pussy with a sweet plop. We kissed passionately and furiously as the music pulsated around us. Second, my grandmother was driving me nuts. Grandma raised her arm back to my neck, life free and I raised my arms to circle her waist.

She squealed as I latched my energetic mouth and tongue onto on of her nipples. Soon a slower number came on, full of strings and keyboards. Once there, she pulled her keys out of her purse and pressed them into my palm.

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Instead, I made a bee line to Grandma who waited, arms raised above her head, just inside the front hallway. Jesus, I thought I was going to explode in pleasure. You want his mouth on your tits. We were so exhausted that when we finally got around to fucking, Grandma rolled onto her side and I slid my fat cock down between her luscious ass cheeks. Again, Grandma broke the kiss and dragged me through the parking lot to her car.

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Stories Poems Story Series. Maybe it's their curious blend of confidence and vulnerability. Her tongue burst into my mouth and I thrust mine into hers. As we tongued each other, I reached down and pulled her skirt up to finger her pussy. Her shoulders were bare and you could just see the beginning of some appetizing cleavage peeking out of the top of her dress.

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She planted a quick kiss on my lips. We lay next to each other, exhausted by pleasure. As my dick grew longer and longer, she began pressing her palm into the head of my cock, mashing it hard against my thigh.

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  1. And how good his hard cock would feel in my pussy.
  2. You want to suck his cock.
  3. We stood there tonguing each other, our bodies pressed tightly together, until Grandma broke the kiss.
  4. Grandma scrambled around to the other side of the car and I slid into the driver's seat.
  5. She humped her ass back onto my cock with every deep stroke of my hips.
  6. Then, I reached down to play with her tits.

She fumbled her tits free of her robe and they burst forth, huge and full. We sixty-nined together for what seemed like hours. She laughed and sipped on her drink. The whole time we drove, she was busy rubbing and squeezing my cock through my pants as I lifted my hips off the seat, grunting in pleasure. Or, maybe it was the absurdity of the whole scene, its unreality.

Dancing with your grandmother in a night club? My legs quivered with the last final jerks of my cock. Slowly, I began pulling my cock in and out of my Grandmother, tech texas my elbows braced against the wall behind her. We pulled our upper bodies apart and gazed into each others faces.

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Take my cock in your mouth. Around one, as Sam and I leaned into our drinks and mumbled half-remembered jokes, I felt a tap on my shoulder. We had already gone the full route, from sucking to fucking. Granny's rhythmic grunts were punctuated by groans of pleasure as her nipples stiffened to bursting. As my climax peaked, I picked Grandma up off the floor and squeezed her body hard against my groin, trying to grind out a few more seconds of pleasure.

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Grandma did have some nice moves, especially when she laced her hands behind her head and shimmied her hips in time to the music, thrusting them forward on every downbeat. Grandma Elliot was beaming a big smile at me and I returned it with a goofier one of my own. Our lips met again, and I carried Grandma, like a groom carrying his bride, to her bedroom.

Twelve hours later, they called me a taxi. How I'd wear my sexiest undies, and a short skirt, girl dating my and high heels. It took me two days to sleep off my hangover.

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Download this pics at Aged Cunts. My cock meanwhile felt like a log, heavy, thick, and full. You're beautiful, you're fun, you're sexy, and that's the kind of woman I like to make love to. Then, I could feel her wriggling her body all over my cock. She had slipped inside ahead of me.

And you're one helluva lot of fun in bed. As we frantically traded tongue, I played with her ass and then moved my hands up to her fat, full breasts, squeezing them in my hand, pinching her nipples through her dress and bra. Meanhwile, I pulled down the top of Granny's dress to unleash her two huge, swelling melons. Grandma exhaled deeply and I slowly released my grip, setting her back down on the floor. We danced now like a guy and a girl who've met in a club for the first intoxicating time.

  • Grandma leaned her head on my shoulder and her tits rose and fell against my chest with her quick, deep breaths.
  • Stuff that monster into your grandmother.
  • About how I'd stuff his cock in my mouth.
  • Literotica is a trademark.
  • With her hands in my hair, Grandma pulled my mouth hard against hers and thrust her hips up at my cock.

Grandson Fucks His Very Old Grandma

Grandma was flushed now and starting to perspire. And, about how I'd dress up just for him. There were plenty of good-looking women surrounding us as my friends and I settled up against the bar and began ordering drinks. After sipping our drinks, Grandma turned toward me and ran her hands through her hair, managing to raise her tits until they pointed directly at my hungry eyes.

Update it for a better user experience. My dick tingled and buzzed as I emptied into grandma's mouth. She pulled me to her with her arms around my neck, and I cradled her in my arms and lowered her to the floor. Suddenly, I felt one of grandma's hands drop off my neck. Then, still smiling, I picked her up in my arms.

She downed another whisky sour. Oh, the dreams I had of your cock. And, as we neared climax, she reached down to squeeze my balls as our tongues met each other in a slow, sensuous whirlpool of pleasure. We danced for a while and then returned to the bar for more drinks.

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Our eyes locked and her smile spread. Oh, yes, Billy, I knew it was wrong. Download this pics at Granny Kiss. Then, I scrabbled to pull her panties down to her thighs.

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