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It's a coral-orange color that looks really pretty and matches basically anything I'm wearing. This year, I was thrilled to check out some of the amazing new colors that are being offered. It is the best thing ever, and worth every penny. Why not take it to another level by getting flower nail jewels.

These light pink roses are a great addition to your look and are perfect for any occasion. This bright pink polish from Dior ensures the entire combination packs some punch. Update it with a touch of girly pink and white for a fresh summer festival look. Add a white polish to completely ahem nail the trend.

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They keep making me hungry! The glitter polish used here is from Butter London whilst for the pink we recommend their Flusher Blusher Nail Lacquer polish.

It's a bright lavender color that almost looks neon in the bottle. Keep to the bright theme with this neon pink polish too. Have you ever thought about pink? For the tips, ssw dating sites do your own water marble look with two different pinks for a beautiful and feminine feel.

Essie Strut Your Stuff

Don't forget to layer it over Put A Coat On! You will definitely love this one!

The deeper blue color is really pretty, and reminds me of the ocean on a clear day. Use tape to get those lines extra straight and even. This look would look nice for any occasion as it remains simple yet colorful. Bored of the same old colors? It is ultra glamorous and chic with the silver stripes which can be done with silver striping tape.

Keep the nails mid-length and cut into a rounded square for a minimalist look! Similar to red lipstick, you just can't go wrong with red nail polish, no matter what time of year it is. Go overboard with nail jewels, nail transfers, and stickers!

You can use these together or own they're own, so don't be afraid to mix the gold flecks with other colors as well! Which of these summer colors is your favorite? Keep your toes a subtle baby pink to let your sandals to the talking. Add a lime polish to really highlight your toes this season. The color is so bright, so it stands out against whatever you're wearing.

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Coral and turquoise are very loud staple colors for summer so you need to try this out! Draw on your favorite monument with a nail art pen for thin and sleek lines! It's been around for a while now. This style will get your nails party-ready!

Team them with a peachy polish and finish with a glossy topcoat for all-round glossy feet. Don't forget to layer it over the white base coat Put A Coat On! Add a pop of summer mint polish to perk them up.

Whatever you do, you'll look beach-chic with shells on your nails. Keep to the refined theme with a lilac polish to complement the tones in the sandal. Skip this Ad Next Essie Strut Your Stuff Essie is one of my favorite nail polish brands, and for good reason - the colors are always vivid, the polish lasts a long time, and it goes on beautifully. The bright turquoise polish is really great on it's own, but add the gold flecks over it, and you've got a truly eye-catching manicure. Also, it's so inexpensive!

Wear this with a denim jumpsuit for ultimate style points! Be creative and do not be afraid to overlay different styles for a super original look. It may seem like a typical Barbie color but it adds a feminine touch to your outfit.

It's very different and pretty. It is a simple, elegant and cheap look! Actually, my nails currently look like Skittles because I tried out every single O.

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