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Mexican Music

Ideal for Westerns, aftermaths, Mexican settings, etc. Full Track - Dangerous, Dangerous Music. Variation - Dramatic, Calm Mellow Music. Energetic party music, sweet fun and festive.

Perfect for Westerns, showdowns, documentaries, and news reports. Soothing relaxing, great restaurant Muzak, love story.

Full Track - Jazz, Latin Jazz. High energy Latin guitar track starts strong and never lets up. You can't run from the law forever. Full Track - Jazz, Ragtime. Its a great dance song that can make every person dance and sing with it.

An exciting, rhythmic track featuring Spanish guitars, ideal for Westerns, showdowns, Mexican settings, betterwmf etc. Slow Mexican flavored instrumental.

Free Mexico music playlists

This Latin instrumental features acoustic guitars over percussion in a smooth, elegant and warm track. Great track for movie credits or background soundscapes or intro.

Mexican Music mp3

Echoes of spaghetti westerns. Features hypnotic rhythms and smooth Flamenco guitar. Full Track - Dramatic, Whimsical Music. Would work well for film, television or any adult production.

Laidback mellow holiday vacation. Street party, cooking show, tourist and travel montage. Perfect for any contemporary production needing that Latin feel and vibe. Medium-slow but steady instrumental surf rock ballad, great for setting a heart stung contemplative lonely surfer mood. Full Track - Brazilian, Samba.

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Cars whiz by, comedy caper, Latino buddy film. Suitable for desert scenes, impending danger, uneasiness, ambush, or sensuous exotic scenes, belly dancing. It's funny, it's hip and can work in multiple situations that don't necessarily have to be associated with Tex- Mex culture.

Full Track complete version - Tropical, Salsa. Upbeat and melodic Latin style track with lively percussion, spanish guitar riffs, acoustic, brass and bass.

Full Track - Rock, Folk Rock. Full Track blues - Jazz, Gypsy Jazz. Full Track - Latin, Latin Pop. Full Track - Latin, Bolero.

Summer, sand, surfing in Mexico. Variation main track edit - Latin, Latin Easy Listening. Full Track - Rock, Surf Rock. Twangy electric guitar playing a Flamenco melody. Available in a variety of lengths.

Mexican music

Segue Latin acoustic mellow - Latin, Flamenco. Variation Instrumental - Christmas, Christmas Latin. Infectious raw s beat with galloping toms toms. Full Track - Latin, Dramatic Latin. Full Track - Dramatic, Contemplative Music.

Picture a couple dancing a tango, dining in a dim romantic restaurant, or just window shopping in an up-scale tourist paradise. The outlaws had a good run, but it ends here. Five guitars intertwine melodically to weeve this catchy latin-esque instrumental - Warm Spanish guitars with an inviting vibe and catchy melody.

Reminiscent of the Godfather Classical guitar spanish style classical guitar Instrumental. Great for holiday and leisure, flamenco, scenes of people dancing and having a good time, full of passion and excitement. Full Track - Latin, Tango. This feel good track invokes a summer, latin style mood.

Full Track - Pop, Euro-Pop. Very calming and friendly sound. Full Track - Latin, Mariachi.

Mexican Music

Western folklore country story about living in the present but dealing with what has happened in the past, being on the run. Acoustic guitar instrumental with a strong Flamenco or Middle Eastern flavor. Great travel film, South American or Latin soundtrack or opening for romantic drama, lonely cowboy or road trip. Traditional modern Latin easy listening, booming bass line, Spanish shuffle drum groove and accordion. All trademarks appearing on this site are the property of the respective owners.

Powerful brass, twangy lead guitar and wild Latin percussion. You'll enjoy cutting those scenes of paradise beaches and dancing couples to this real instrumental salsa, played by a real latin dance orchestra. Haunting sweet guitar reflection. Guitars, congas, and lots of brass horns.

The release into the chorus resolves the tension of the building verses, and the brief bridge rebuilds the tension for the final release. Full Track - Latin, Flamenco. It captures the festive and proud feelings of celebrating Latino heritage and culture.