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Versatile Avdhoot Gupte has given good music. The story moves around Sai Sai Tamhankar. Her elder niece Urmila Shilpa Tulaskar and Jijaji Shrikant Tushar Dalvi promises her mother on death bed that they will follow responsibility of her marriage. Taking full responsibility as her guardians they set out to get her married, in the traditional Indian way.

One of the worst movies ever. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. By continuing to use this website, byron cage great and mighty mp3 you agree to their use. The story developes swiftly and gives aswer to all these question. Learn more More Like This.

Audiences do not realize any jerk or it does not sound odd, when story moves from light comedy to serious issue. Now do Aditya accept her past?

Sanai choughade 2008 ( Marathi Movie ) Kande Pohe

Chinmay Mandlekar has also played done really nice job even in the small role. Written by Everest Entertainment. Later they discover there are some unknown people behind this, who operate only in the dark. Ashok Saraf, Sachin, Laxmikant Berde. As a supporting actors shilpa Tulaskar and Tushar Dalvi.

It is about keeping a positive attitude towards life. And as even a common man can also enjoy this movie, seriousness of the issue can be delivered to higher no.

Sanai Choughade - IMDbSanai chaughade marathi movie

What was reaction of other people who represents society? What's on Joshua Jackson's Watchlist? Premat padato jo to yeta jata, pan sawaralo tujha hota hota he ved aahe na pan god aahe na, hi odh aahe ji ti god aahe na. Later when the politics plays its part things take a drastic change. They organised a trip to hill station.

Although they have a love marriage, they are new to the circus of arranged marriage in which caste, creed and skin color are of prime importance. Was this review helpful to you? Hats of to Rajiv patil for handling such a sensitive topic pre-marital pregnancy atleast among the hindu community in Maharashtra.

Sanai chaughade REVIEW

Do Shrikant and Urmila accept her mistake? Bothe have done very well.

Sanai choughade 2008 ( Marathi Movie ) Kande Pohe

This story is about how an old man tried to show his grandson the preciousness and beauty of life in a no win situation such as cancer. Durdeshichya rajkumarachi swapne pahatanna, kunitari yaave haluch magun dhyaneemanee nasatanna, nakalat aapan haravoon jave swatas mag japtanna aayushya he chulivarlya, kadhaeetale, kandepohe.

Just before finalisation of their marriage, Sai revealed her past. Thank you Dipti and Rajiv for such a lovely and Meaningfull movie which is rare to see now days. Joshi, Santosh Juvekar, Chinmay Mandlekar. They fall in love and want to start a new life but will the wrath of a highly superstitious community let them live in peace? The Story started in a lighter note and ends in a Serious Issue.

Double Seat is a story of newly wed lovebirds Amit and Manjiri struggling to find their private space in overwhelming city of Mumbai. Four friends are searching for rented accommodation. Bhijalelya kshananna aathavaneechee fodani, haladeesathee aasurlele halve man aani kantee aayushya he chulivarlya, kadhaeetale, kandepohe. The Ganesh Chaturti festival has the potential to unite communities but divides them when it gets overly commercialized and competitive.

Sanai choughade ( Marathi Movie ) Kande Pohe

Sanai Choughade

Especially Subodh Bhave catches maximum attention through amazing facial expressions. Sai Tamhankar and Subodh Bhave played lead characters in the movie and both had done well.

Especially in the metro cities, many of us prefers shopping malls even for vegetables then the small shops. Most love stories end in a marriage, this one starts with it. The landlady insists only on married couples, so two of the friends are forced to dress as women and pretend to be wives of the other two. Who are these people and what is their motive? Miss or Mrs Dipti Talpad thank you for producing such a lovely movie.

Sanai choughade Marathi Movie Kande Pohe. Marathi cinema is getting globalize and producers are showing courage to handle sensitive issues. Movie creators tried to give a message to people from this but they failed big big time.

Notify me of new posts via email. They organises a nice trip to a hill station. But then sai reveals her psast that she was in love with Shreyas Talpade and when they were going to get married he became a pawn of destiny and died in an accident. Villagers are living in fear as strange things are happening everyday.

Packed with the spirit of youth, this film is homage to the best years of our lives. Aditya, a prospective groom, is ready to marry her, but a thunderous revelation sends shock waves through everyone. Kaande Pohe, a new way of matrimonial search, turns out to be the answer to Sayee's problems. Subodh Bhave has done it well i should say.

The cinematography have done a good job especially in the hill area scene where the climax of the movie is shot. Rememeber Avdhoot is the same person who made the song jai jai Maharashtra hindi verion. Specially sai its her first movie and I hope to see her in many more. His body language and dialog delivery is simply amazing.