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Higher ping, random disconnects, Wifi freezing at start of mining, shares rejected and so on. We want to manually download and install the right drivers. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there some way to fix this?

This is a collection of my experiences with fixing various mining problems. Maybe you need to get rid of your old driver and its software first. Thank you so much for posting all this and maintaining it. Second, the layout of the page is simple, straight-forward, and extremely helpful. Can you please recommend which driver will be possible to use.

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GPU-Z Graphics Card GPU Information Utility

And I cant open the Nvidia control panel. Now, to get my laptop back and try a couple of these methods. The fee works in a way that each hour you will be disconnected from your mining process and for about minutes, you will mine for the Claymore developers. Be c areful what pool you are using, it should be based on your location, it would make no sense to mine on an European pool if you are in America because of the high ping. Links to my Download Center should work, but you can alternatively download from my SkyDrive.

If not, can you point me where I can do it myself. Now after that open the overclock. This info helped me a bunch!

Which one should I modify? This project absolutely rocks. Not all Dell D are bit capable.

GPU-Z Graphics Card GPU Information Utility

Thank you for organizing it for mortals to understand. You can create a decred wallet at Bittrex. Waiting for your positive reply. Ill report back to all when I get my machine back.

Always make a backup for your current bios and store it somewhere safe, you can never know when you are going to need it. Thank you for your webpage! The new driver may possibly have a fix on that.

Their tools for overclock and undervolt are not working properly. With this tool you can put the custom bios over your current one. For people who have acer Geforce M switchable, go to bios and change your graphic card from switchable to discrete. You should mention that not all drivers are available for all cards.

Please help, i did everything and still cant install the driver. Any help that you could give would be appreciated. Download the Pixel Clock Patcher.

Because the first thing we want is to optimize Windows for our own mining purposes. Windows itself and everything built for it are sloppy. Solved the blank screen on boot, after the Windows splash screen disappears. Hynix, Elpida, Micron, Samsung. Then I have to do a restore, ing starcraft for and start from square one.

It happened that sometimes the computer just stopped responding and when it came back to life it said that the Nvidia driver stopped working. It worked fine for almost a week, but again started experiencing the same problem.

Any advice will be welcomed. Common motherboard problems? Thank you very much Komeil! The -dwal has the same representation as -ewal, it just is the mining pool of the dual coin. There are many ways of managing your rigs and a lot of software to do that.

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Help me please, as when I am running Setup. You can check this during the mining in Claymore, by seeing how much the current fan speed is in percentage. Notebooks supporting Hybrid Power with Intel chipsets.

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Perhaps, it is about the graphic memory? After that it will connect you again to your pool and start the mining again. Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now and click Finish to restart your computer. The part before the -dwal is the same as for the solo ethereum mining described above. Been having this issue forever.

Driver folder and then try the setup. The only problem is it gets hot, so make sure the laptop sits on a flat surface preferably on a notebook cooler and seriously avoid putting it on a rug, blanket, or cloth material. Now you have your original bios exported, make a backup before going to the next step. Drivers un archivo con el mismo nombre.

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