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London duo La Roux topped the charts in with this synth-pop missile that's sleeker than a skintight satin catsuit. Flowers in the back pocket are optional but advised. Taylor Swift shook off her Disney princess image with this smash.

It should have a blue plaque on it. Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj.

List of number-one dance singles of 2012 (U.S.)

Go on, let it funk you up. What follows that statement of electronic intent is seven minutes of serpentine basslines and deadpan vocals. Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj and M. The piano line at the beginning a big shout out to Steve Reich is your cue to grab your real friends, pull them in a big sticky huddle and never, ever let them go.

Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Top 100 Singles of 2012

John Lennon, suffering from a cold, famously lost his voice after recording it, but his raw, shouty tone makes it the classic it is. It really is never too much.

Pop music may not be the obvious place to call out phoney beliefs, but in the hands of Stevie Wonder and his crunchy funk jam, it just works. This is one of the most forward-looking, cash-making enterprises in music history. Throw this one on about three quarters of the way through your bash, when you need a surefire, hands-in-the-air worldbeater. Yeah, Pharrell, they asked us, too. Pitbull featuring Chris Brown.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This timeless, Giorgio Moroder -produced disco anthem from did exactly that, becoming the first purely electronic jam to make it big and pretty much inventing dance music in the process. You can probably have too much of those. Tin roof, rusted what does it mean? Here we hear what the absolute power of hitting a piano key six times can wield.

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Nile Rodgers pops up on this list yet again, this time with his own band of disco dominators, Chic. It starts with someone hitting milk bottles with a spoon and some cats yowling, before the simple yet devastating bass kicks in and this jaunty anthem kicks off.

Lists of Billboard Hot top-ten singles. On this disco-pop smash, he wants you to be loved, and he especially wants you to get funky.

Only play this if you are percent down with air guitar. God we miss you sweet, sweet Prince. Havana Brown featuring Pitbull. Zedd featuring Matthew Koma.

List of Billboard Hot top-ten singles in

Swedish House Mafia featuring John Martin. Right from the intro riff it's pop perfection, and just you try not to sing along. This is the one time it is absolutely acceptable to shriek a song. It really is Britney at her best.

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Only the English could turn class struggle into one of the greatest moments in modern pop history. The only unfortunate thing about this banger is that, to really appreciate it and get in the spirit of the video, chat on for samsung champ you'll need to do a quick party change into some hi-vis gear first. We advise laying down a tarpaulin before you drop this one at your next house party.

His choppy and melodic guitar work is all up at the front with handclaps and big group vocals celebrating just how damn good life can be. We doubt it, but it definitely is the most obvious. But, more than that, it provides the energy that drives this funk masterpiece, backed with taut guitar picks, undulating bass and a fantastically minimalist yet totally titillating drum break.

Not a bit, firstly because of the immense symbollic value it acquired over the years, but secondly because it is a great tune. Canadian Albums European Albums defunct. Now when we hear it, we just want to be back in the last century when everything seemed to be all okay. The track only lasts for just over three minutes, but that really is all you, and your party, need here.

The 100 best party songs

It's the perfect song to drop into a party playlist because it's not too over-played, but at the same time, everyone remembers what a bop it is when it comes on. Lists of number-one dance songs in the United States record charts in American music. Heatseekers Songs Smooth Jazz Songs. Hot Country Songs Country Airplay. Simple chords, pounding drums and a great, lovelorn melody all combine to make one awesome, pogo-inducing wank anthem.

List of number-one dance singles of 2012 (U.S.)