Responsibilities You are the central point of contact between Dotsub and our clients - in good times and bad! All modern videos are captioned by Dotsub, of course!

The leading way to caption and translate videos online

Eliminating the language barrier to cross-cultural communication through online video. Speed Dotsub is the only company that can turn around video translation in an hour. We are looking for talented developers to help us move forward in the fast pace field of language-enabled online video.

By increasing the global reach of your video, its value increases dramatically with added accessibility and audience engagement. Now we're pushing into mobile, audio, text and self-serve models.

Your role will be to undertake administrative and other duties that support the sales team freeing them to focus on the business of selling. We are looking for an experienced project manager to become part of our tightly knit Production Team. Smartling did an informal poll of marketers to find out.

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With you in control, your organization can source from your caption and translation volunteers, fans, customers, or community resources. Dotsub is the only company that can turn around video translation in an hour. All of the videos are gathered here. We value world-class technology, international work experience and language skills, and a flexible global working environment.

Eastern time zone or in the Central European Time zone. Our innovative web-based platform empowers people to increase the value of online videos with captions and translations for subtitles to engage audiences and add global reach. Customize Dotsub's video localization platform can be customized, integrated, managed, or moderated.

After many years of reporting about China as a photojournalist, Peter found himself in love with the rich history, beautiful country, and the warmth of the people, especially in the countryside. We are a completely virtual organization. Crowd-Sourced Options With you in control, your organization can source from your caption and translation volunteers, fans, customers, or community resources. Dotsub is growing technology company that eliminates barriers to global communications. This presentation will help you to understand how this platform might change the way we globalize video.

The leading source for video translation and captions See it Work. Marketers need new tools to gather, manage and publish these videos.

The candidate works remotely and would be expected to work a regular workday based either in the U. It's just that now the way to get them to spring into action on your behalf is so much easier. Please note that this poll was about marketing in general and did not address video separately. By offering translations in over languages, Dotsub extends the influence of your video world-wide. Brimming with ideas, and broad applications of its technology, Dotsub is an exciting place to work.

The set-up is completely automated and does not require any human intervention. Enterprise Blog Help Watch Videos.

The folks over at Smartling did their own informal poll of marketers. Choosing the best areas to apply effort is of the highest importance. For more information, visit dotsub. Try Dotsub Today Dotsub now allows you to order online. Dotsub has promoted Dave Bryant to president and has appointed him to the Board of Directors.

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The leading source for video translation and captions

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Join these enterprises who trust Dotsub to language enable their videos because of our price-performance and these exclusive features. Should you meet initial requirements, editplus windows 7 32 bit you will be contacted by Dotsub's Recruiting Team depending on availability and demand for upcoming projects. Please join the Dotsub family in wishing Peter a wonderful journey!

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See the National Geographic video here. We are looking for new subtitle translators and captioners to join our team of professionals!

Several recent studies have quantified the growth in video marketing to consumers. Yes, solid business models and real revenues. So, by adding subtitles, the club have taken a timely step to boost their global fan engagement.

Connect with our community. We will be following him as he rolls through China!

Today, even small and medium businesses can be multinational if they have a web presence. One fundamental thing that is not addressed in this research is language. He later moved to Plymouth University, where he ran the University Computer Center while receiving a graduate qualification in Business Administration. Project Manager Looking for a dynamic work environment? Looking for a dynamic work environment?