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The Sumerians also invented the first known writing system by using cuneiform script on clay tablets. Clearly, the evidence that we have here in the Sumerian culture of wall descriptions, the artwork, the esoteric cuneiform script. The seals themselves are typically made from hardstones and some are a form of engraved gem, but they may use glass or ceramics such as Egyptian faience. Chaco Canyon discovered wall paintings and even cuneiform writing similar to those found on Sumerian artifacts. In later periods, they were used to notarize or attest to multiple impressions of clay documents.

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Escritura cuneiforme

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Tiene que ver con escritura cuneiforme. Los sumerios fueron los que inventaron el sistema de escritura cuneiforme. La escritura cuneiforme en la cueva llamado la piedra el escudo. The Sumerians were the ones who invented the cuneiform writing system.

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It has to do with cuneiform. The cuneiform in the cave called the stone the shield.

Many varieties of material such as hematite, obsidian, steatite, amethyst, free dating site gamers lapis lazuli and carnelian were used to make cylinder seals. La tablilla Kish se remonta al a. Cuneiform writing is the remote ancestor of the Western alphabet.