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The Made in Czechoslovakia stamp is also discontinued. Its main products were faience and majolica, for which it was awarded a Silver Medal at the Paris Exhibition. Tourism is absolutely unbelievable, with millions of visitors per year.

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In January of Vaclav Havel the famous dissident writer was elected president of a free Czechoslovakia. Changes in management and chaos followed the revolution and for a time no one was sure what was going to happen. Fresh ideas are being examined by the new directors and those that are needed will be implemented as quickly as possible. This also means it can be difficult to date certain pieces accurately, but there is some information in terms of markings. The term Made in Czechoslovakia is marked on the pieces, stamped in ink near the triangle but never in it.

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At the turn of the century the company expanded to include a head office in Berlin, and began producing a large range of porcelain figurines. Now the company is in the hands of private owners who have an agenda to put the company back on its feet. As the Berlin Wall crumbled so did the hard line communist government in Czechoslovakia. Today the Czech Republic is a thriving country on the rocky road back to capitalism.

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Royal Dux Porcelain

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However, in the winter of the Czech and Slovak factions decided to split and form two separate countries, The Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The company is in the process of developing its own sales and marketing strategies, which until now were dictated by government owned trade and export companies located in Prague.

Now, no longer part of a huge government owned monopoly, articoli accademici online dating Royal Dux Porcelain has now been fully privatized and is making great strides to return to its once impressive past. With the lack of accountability always comes fraud and deception and the Royal Dux factory suffered its share.

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