Dating An English Parker 51 - Parker - The Fountain Pen Network

Dating An English Parker 51 - Parker - The Fountain Pen Network


Dating english parker 51, kay parker - 51 pics

Dating english parker 51
Dating english parker 51

Worse than average condition, but still a fully functional pen. The blue diamond color is also a darker blue and smaller in size. As they wore, due to the softness of the material, they became shiny and lost most of the machining lines. Visible, but not accented surface scratches or parts of dull finish. Nibs were available in a very wide range of point sizes.

As they wore, and due to the softness of the material, they became shiny and lost the machining lines. There are some s Parker date codes that have both two digits and dots. The majority of examples in circulation, however, date from the s.

In the second quarter of this system was however changed to save production time, and a new date code, using a system of dots, was adopted. Aerometric Demis are slightly longer than Vac-filler Demis, and more slender. Svere brassing and discolouration. This is a standard for shortening the description of pens, either for personal use or when offering pens for sale.

Dating An English Parker 51

Dating english parker 51
Dating english parker 51

This supply was soon exhausted, however, and before long it became clear that even the replacement barrels were crack-prone. Feel free to donate a small sum through Paypal to help this site to stay online. It is completely devoid of any markings. It seems as it Parker ran out of cap jewels first, and continued production with whatever was available. The were available with either a Lustraloy cap or a Gold Filled cap with converging lines only.

Parker Date Codes

Later production returned to a brass base. Untouched, unfilled pens, not currently available in stores. Click here for contact info.

Parker Pens Penography DATE CODES -DATING A PEN

Brassing, light all over discolouration. Light brassing or small lip crack. Otherwise fully functional and crisp finish with no brassing.

Much more prone to brassing. Some scratches and dull finish. Visually these pens will not look right, although the caps do seem to fit. Please be so kind to disable ad blocking for fountainpennetwork. On very early examples, the filler will not have the diamond struck at the end of the brass button.

Dating english parker 51
  • Light cap or blind-cap misfit.
  • Electroplating chemically adds a very thin layer of gold to the base material.
  • Three dots indicated the first quarter, and in each subsequent quarter, a dot would be ground off the die, so by the last quarter no dots remained.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. This condition rarely exists. Black body, gold filled cap, aerometric filler. The very base of the cap is clear, but just above the clear space, popular dating sites in sweden vertical stripes running to the top.

Kay parker - 51 Pics

  1. It should be noted that dating a pen by the nib can be very innacurate, as it is the most often replaced part on a pen.
  2. If you use any information on this site, add a link.
  3. Pocket versions are also found, with black being the most common.
  4. Parker's Toronto factory was set up to get around the high tariff barriers between the United States and the British Empire and Commonwealth.
  5. In addition, not all pens are imprinted.
  6. Another identification aid can be the filler unit.

Dating An English Parker 51 - Parker - The Fountain Pen Network

The Aerometric filling system is shown below in an extract from an original ad, c. Everything on this website is copyrighted by law and can not be used without written permission from the author, retrieving Tony Fischier. Loose cap rings or body rings.

51 Versions

51 Versions

Absolute perfect condition. In fact, Parker did set up a second production line to cope with postwar demand. Sterling silver and coin silver caps were also available, but were discontinued before the introduction of the simplified arrow clip and Aerometric filler. Visible surface scratches or dull finish.

Crisp colour and shiny finish on plastic pens. Not filled pens should be noted. Nonetheless, professional overhaul is a good idea, even for pens that seem at first glance to be in good working order. Actually, less than half of the pens seem to have any markings at all, and those that do, all have a datecode.

Perhaps no other fountain pen has been so unanimously acclaimed as a classic. Some of the war year clips show a silver base instead of brass, and seem to be extruded instead of struck, were you no longer see a negative image on the back of the clip. The following codes should be used to establish an overall condition, how rather than be taken literally.

The British postwar economy was much weaker, with no corresponding explosion of consumer spending, with rationing on basic goods remaining in place until the early s. Another explanation may be that they were never dated or that the datecode wore off on most instances the datecode is lightly imprinted to begin with. New Old Stock examples can be found with correct plastic filler, and some may have been switched as the result of a repair. Some of these pens will incorporate early production materials, such as the caps and speedline filler.

Dating english parker 51
Dating english parker 51

Production Dating

The clutch ring became a thin decorative piece with no use, as the cap was fitted with a finger clutch that grabbed onto the hood. To free up space, Quink production was moved out of Parker's hometown of Janesville, to a new facility located some miles northwest in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Cap, bodyrings or lever missing or loose.

Probably an experiment by Parker, most likely given to employees to test. From around and into the s, Parker pens and pencils, though less consistently were marked on the barrel to indicate their date of production, with nibs marked similarly. Unless otherwise noted, the caps are of Lustraloy, Parker's matte-finished stainless steel. It's also possible that the bits were just swapped over from another pen. More accented scratches where the cap goes on the butt and body.

Usually less than micrometer thick. For this reason we install fresh diaphragms in all Vac-fillers that we sell. One will run across anomalies, free dating india where pens bear date codes that seem much too late. They dent easily and can get corroded and pitted. The Janesville Quink factory was then converted to pen production.

Dedicated to Parker 51 Pens

The stamp initially had three dots and for each quarter one dot was filed down leaving none for the fourth quarter. Still functional, or functional with light attention. All Aerometric pens were single-jeweled.

Dedicated to Parker 51 Pens

Thank you very much in advance! Other colors are very hard to locate, and so far I have only seen a handful in gray and cedar blue. Definitive documentation is still lacking, but it would appear that the dots in this context denoted the month of production within the quarter denoted by the initial digit. Minute lip or body cracks.

Parker once again applied date codes to its products starting in the later s. Please donate to help me keep this site online. No marks or spots whatsoever. The code-key could be posted along with the pen-list, if desired.

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