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At the same time Marek tries at all costs to hide his past fleeting romance, and his betrayal of Paulina. Paulina is a cool and dignified woman with high self-confidence. Later he becomes Kinga's boyfriend.

She is half-Italian, and her parents died in a car accident. He is intelligent and widely respected. Shy and insecure, she does not try to win anything from him but his respect and friendship. We will do our best to find a perfect match for you and make both you and one of our single Russian girls happy. You can use our handy search tool which allows you to do as much of a detailed search as you want, narrowing down potential matches with height, hair and eye colour.

She became friends with Ula early on in the latter's employment. Her re-encounter with Aleks and his conduct brings her pain.

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Matysiak's attempts to force her to return do not work as the police inform him that as his daughter is of age, he has no such legal right. He has a son, Wojtek, whom he employed, but with whom he has a bad relationship due to having left his mother. The numbers are in and Date Ariane is still popular. However, he made further attempts to deprive Marek of the presidency, with the help of Adam Turek.

Identity Protection Browse anonymously. Suspecting him to be having an affair, she instructs Violetta to find out who her competition is.

However, soon everyone realizes that she is an excellent employee and gradually built sympathy of her boss. Julia is even more embarrassed at the joy that Paulina expresses at her arrival and her treatment of her as an old friend.

You can be sure that your household is safe with such a wife. Ula, as a very naive person, does not realize that Marek goes out with her only to save financial interest of the company. Russian girls have extremely good intuition. Ela is romantically interested in him, and he takes over her job for the day when her son is ill.

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He is interested in computers and games, and later Magda, a model. He was accused of plagiarism. They have a session together in South Africa. He appears episodically in the series, aiming to reconcile Marek and Aleks, whose parents were his friends.

They later decided to start a clothing company in Poland. On the other hand, she worries about her brother and wants to finally be happy. When Marek finally breaks her heart and tries to fix it, Maciek advises Ula and supports her. Marek rejected the proposal of Paulina, and left-out Paulina departures to Milan.

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She turns out to be a strong woman, able to save the company when it faces problems. In addition to her modeling career, she also began work as a singer. At first, Ula is not received too warmly by her co-workers.

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Nothing is not certain until the last episode, but in the end everything ends happily for Ula. He was responsible for Ula's make-over.

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Wago must act as an angel to Jian-wa to gain acceptaince into heaven. He was previously engaged to Paulina, but later fell for Ula. At the same time, when she needs help, takes the pose of a false kindness to exploit the generosity of colleagues. Although the beginnings were difficult, the company evolved and over time became one of the most exclusive fashion brands in the country.

Because of her appearance, Ula is often an object of gossips and jokes. Adam has for Aleks great admiration and sincere friendship, despite the fact that very often he is insulted and reprimanded. He typically plays a negative figure, from the beginning, being cocky and cynical. As the time passes by, Marek falls in love with Ula and his relationship with Paulina ends.

Eventually they separated and he became interested with Kinga, a fellow student, however, at that time she was already involved with Robson. His name is Marcin and he appears in comic situations. For some time he worked as a washer in a pub, but left after a conflict with the boss. He is a sincere and straightforward man with a passion for old cars.

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However, he tried to downplay the disease. She tells Ah Qing, who then informs Kang. Eventually, his wife forces him to change his attitude to his daughter. Ula recently arranged for his brother to work in a company model which brought him close to Magda. His behavior makes his daughter run away from home and move in with Jasiek.

The series was an adaptation of the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, confident dating la fea. Funny Dating Simulator Game.

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She often looks down at others within the company. Despite this, he is a womanizer interested more in short-lived dalliances than any long-term relationship. She is a good and generous woman, very quickly becomes best friends with Ula. At this time, he experiences period of rebellion, and moves out for two weeks prior to the exams, which worries his father. This may be one of the best games in this genre I have ever played.

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