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Arrest and Substitution Being aware of his royal blood, Judas Khrestus then exercised an age-old tradition that came with his birthright. The church presbyters were also silent on Mary. There was nothing recorded of her external to the church for more than four centuries after the time she was said to have lived. It actually quotes that in the Bible itself.

He was a prince of the House of Herod. In fact, she was not mentioned by name in the oldest version of the Mark Gospel in the oldest Bibles. In Roman historical records, however, Empress Helena was falsely made to appear a Roman native, wife of a Roman and mother of an illustrious Roman son, Flavius Constantine, none of which is true.

Decades of incontrovertible evidence that Jerusalem was not in existence at the time the Bible says it was. They do have what they call their Manuscript Divisions and I was lucky enough to get into some of those and also the Rare Manuscripts Division of the British Museum. When you read the New Testament, Peter with that understanding, it accounts for all the contradictions and all the problems within it. Since the pyramid form was the only method to generate or create the Rainbow Serpent, the serpent became the symbolic form of initiates. In London, one old lady had seven hundred and sixty-three Bibles hidden away in her closets.

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From Secret in the Bible by Tony Bushby. Bacon was made the editor of the King James Version of the Bible. Overview In this important book Bushby offers a revealing esoteric analysis of the Bible. Conclusive Proof of Fraud Within that scriptural dating lies a fatal weakness, one that discredits the whole of the Old and New Testaments as books of history. So what do you hope to accomplish with the book, gta san andreas no Tony?

Bible conspiracy theory

The nomadic Arab tribes were joining forces in the name of Allah and his prophet Muhammad. Mercati and Szekely established from Prologues attached to the scrolls that the writings were originally part of a collection of manuscripts once belonging to the library of the Essenes. It is all revealed there in the book. He shows that the creator of official Christianity, Flavius Constantine, was also born in Britain not Macedonia as history books falsely state.

Tony Bushby Excerpts - ASTROTHEOLOGY

For some reason the only actual reference to this document anywhere online comes from references to Bushby. Since the Scrolls were found some six decades ago, close associates of the Vatican were placed in dominant positions in every phase of the investigation and translations of the Scrolls. His accusations were so plausible that for a long time no Christian writer ventured to answer the challenge. For two or three years all elements of disorder were current and Judea was torn and devastated. Herodotus asserted that the Mysteries known to the Greek priests were originally derived directly from Egyptian temples.

Tony Bushby Excerpts - ASTROTHEOLOGY

Until it was doctored, his writings had nothing to do with Jesus as portrayed in the New Testament - Mtsar. Many other motifs from world traditions were also included. Avoiding Crucifixion Unless an Imperial Order was issued, the payment of money to Roman authorities was the only way a crucified man could be released. This story was supported in the Gospel of Luke, with the description of the departure of Joseph Mary from their home prior to the birth.

For at least the first six centuries of the Christian era, the Sibylline Books held the highest religious authority in the Roman Empire and were cited regularly by presbyters and later bishops. If there is a common origin to the mythology of the serpent, it may have developed at the Great Pyramid of Giza. This subject should not be confused with deliberately fictional Bible conspiracy theories. Both brothers were legitimate contenders for the emperorship of the Roman Empire, which partly explains why their truth of their heritage and existence was concealed. The Gospel of Matthew elaborated extensively upon the feelings of Joseph when he saw the violated condition of his bride-to-be.

She was the daughter of King Cole of Colchester. Glouster is the word Claudia in Celtic. The two boys had their own lives. Scandalous Mythmongering Exposed On more than one occasion Paul quoted verbatim from the Gospel of Luke that first appeared documented in history decades after the priesthood said that Paul lived. Revolt assumed the widest form and the celestial visions of a kingdom were completely banished by the smoke and flame of political hate.

Tacitus stated that their long-flowing hair and blazing blue eyes were a terrifying sight to behold. He was clearly the leader of the Essenes. See my Irish Origins of Civilization books for an explanation of this mythmongering.

Those ancient scrolls are proof of a body of religious ideas existing long before the commencement of the Christian era that subsequently carried into the New Testament. His name was changed and his work appropriated. With the Renaissance its false records were discovered and exposed, and it could commit undetected no further. The tradition that made Simon Peter the founder of the Church of Rome depended only on the writings of Bishop Irenaeus who did not define in what circumstances Simon Peter went to Rome. The existence of two of those documents reveals material about the origins of the New Testament.

Their foolish superstitions boast of crime, a condemned criminal is the object of their veneration. Tiberius died while Judas was in Gethsemene. He became a very earthly man and he was the one who ordered his followers to buy swords. No person is permitted to read the scriptures in his native tongue without a written license from his bishop, or from an Inquisitor, with the advice of a priest or confessor.

They actually make these statements quite plain and clear in not so much the modern encyclopedias but in their old editions. His family had sailed to Egypt to escape pursuit. This took how many years to research? Most likely, he had been a leader excelling in his position and surpassed the other members by being proclaimed a prophet by a large number of people. Pauline epistles Petrine epistles.

Some books were lost in antiquity but are known to have once existed from references by early ecclesiastics. My enemies thereof I hate vehemently. And much later, when the Khrestians were finally brought to bear, the field for religious propaganda was wide open. Are they indeed the stewards and maintenancers? The Nazareth Lie An overwhelming body of ancient documentary evidence reveals that the city of Nazareth did not exist in the first four centuries.

Copies had been previously created from his work, and were studied in depth by Bishop Eusebius. Eleusinian Mysteries Probably the most famous of later Mysteries were the Eleusinian, whose rites were celebrated mainly in the village of Eleusis near Athens to honor Demeter. They know there are forged passages in it and they come out quite clearly and state that. The key necessary for their decipherment sometimes accompanies the pictorial cryptograms.

Joseph was a close friend of Pontius Pilate. That was the start of the origin of the British Church, which preceded the origin of the Roman Catholic Church by some three hundred years. It is probable that the defamation of Mary Magdalene started at that time. He also included the life-story of his violent messianic twin Judas Khrestus and conflated these accounts to make it seem that Jesus was but a single personage.

Interview With Tony Bushby Author of The Bible Fraud

Tony, that being the case, is it possible to follow the present royal bloodline back to Jesus? Someone else critiques Bushby here.

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Herodias and the Baptist Herodius Herod, sister of Mary, was the one involved in the fake story of the beheading of Saint John the Baptist. By legal inheritance, he was also the messiah.

Panthers The name given to the original hidden mysteries and the priests who taught it. Jesus married Mary Magdalene as well as two other women in his lifetime. Without doubt, it is professor Tischendorf to whom modern textual critics of the New Testament owe most. What makes this book different? From the information in the Gospels, it can be argued that Judas Khrestus was preparing his attack but before he could get under way, Judas Iscariot, an informer to the Delatores, betrayed him.

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The church recorded that the highlanders of Upper Galilee were violently opposed to the Roman and this completed the structure of the name Gaulantius. This is a very ancient tradition that goes way, way back to the Egyptian times where a royal person could order a substitute to take the punishment.